Payment Channel

Kiddytoys is registered trademark of Kiddytoys International Co.,Ltd.
When a customer picks up the cart and order it. If customers choose the payment method is a bank transfer. You can transfer money through bank counter, via the ATM or INTERNET BANKING account.
Bank Account # Deposites Branch
KIDDY TOYS AND GAMES CO., LTD. 524-0-03641-1 Savings Account Sanpatong
KIDDY TOYS AND GAMES CO., LTD. 734-2-03302-0 Savings Account Sanpatong
KIDDY TOYS AND GAMES CO., LTD. 367-0-52221-2 Savings Account Sanpatong
Coming Soon

Please wait for comfirmation email from our staffs before transfer money. We will soon inform you about the summary of your order by email after recieved your order.

When you pay for goods and Message to the website by calling the telephone number: +(66) 953519465 or fill out the form to send your payment information to us at Payment Confirm.

Track & Trace

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